How to choose shoes that fit your Size
09.10.2021 | OBLYSTEP | SIZE

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Do you often shop on WISH, Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, and other e-commerce platforms to buy your own shoes, but often think that you choose the wrong size and worry about it. Let me introduce you to the right way to buy it. There are several dimensions. Choose, let the editor introduce you one by one

  1.Use the foot length, which is also recommended by us, and it is also suitable for the purchase size guide on our official website
If you know your size, then you can ignore this method. Take out a piece of A4 paper and put it on the heel of the wall. Then take off your shoes and place it on the A4 paper. The heel should be close to the wall and use a pen to mark the front part of the foot. , Put on the shoes and measure the scale, you will get your feet long


  2. If you think the first point is too troublesome, just take a look at our second point. It’s super easy to pawn. Just measure the sole length of your most suitable shoes and subtract 2CM to get your fuzzy foot length. This Method only suitable for casual shoes and running shoes sports shoes


  3.If you have size information on your shoe tongue, you can directly use the foot length size information to buy shoes that suit you, but most of them are suitable and not suitable.

  4. Use your own suitable size to convert the size, I put the conversion table underneath, (applicable to sports shoes, casual shoes, men's shoes, women's shoes)